Production and transportation has been developed under the Anthropocene in revolutionary ways. The developed effectiveness of personal travelling is not an exception from this. We can see this in all forms of travel, from the everyday trips to space travel.

Air travel, which not so many decades ago used to be an exclusive way of travelling, has worldwide become both a cheap and efficient and not at least a comfort way to travel for a great deal of the world`s population. Air travel and Aircraft Industry is an integral and great part of the process of globalization.

Croydon Airport (1920-1959) in England was the world’s first traffic controlled airport. Even if it was closed in 1959 the Croydon Airport is the starting point for today’s modern Aircraft Industry and Airports that today are broadly available worldwide.

As with other kinds of production and transportation in the Anthropocene epoch mankind has made Air Travel and Aircraft Industry into a global industry, and this also comes with a lot of social and environmental problems and dilemmas. In a near future many scientists believe that air traffic will have more emissions of greenhouse gases than car traffic (KTH, 2011).

The Croydon Airport Society has the Copy Write to the photo above, and is used by permission from them.

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