Founding of London Stock Exchange in 1801

The founding of London Stock Exchange in 1801 is a symbol for the start of the idea of never ending economy growth.

The theme Events and Places related to the Anthropocene makes me think that in a way the Anthropocene seem to coincide with the era when ideas about a never ending economy growth or flowering capitalism in the west world started to dominate all systems. Today it is not London that is the center of the economic flow. Instead it is New York Stock Exchange that is the world´s largest stock exchange. It was founded in 1817.

Naomi Klein writes about the ideas in ”This Changes Everything – Capitalism vs Climate” from 2014. She means that it is not the climate but the economy that is the first problem to deal with during the future era of Anthropocene. It is the way we think about how to use and/or reuse our resources that gives effects on the rate of biodiversity loss or Co2 emissions. After the economy crisis in 2008 the parliament in Great Britain gave Tim Jackson order to write about future economy strategies. Then he wrote “Prosperity without growth-Economics for a Finite Planet” (2009) that also deals with these thoughts.

See trailer about Naomi Kleins book “This Changes Everything-Capitalism vs Climate”, 1.43 minutes from september 2014:


/Josefine Gustafsson


The photo is from Wikipedia and are taken at the New York stock exchange 1963 by the photographer Thomas J.O´Halloran.

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