Precocious Puberty

According to a recent study, American girls are hitting puberty earlier than ever before and the reason for that seems to be directly related with the Anthropocene.

Apparently, the high level of estrogen in synthetic materials, chemicals and the hormones and antibiotic-fed animals that constitute a big part of our diet are the main reason for this maladjustment. Therefore, the anthropogenic modification of non-human lives is affecting the development of our bodies, proving that the Anthropocene is not something abstract or ungraspable: it is a global phenomenon but it is also close to us, it has somatic effects and can be perceived in our everyday practices (what we eat). This is not only a health issue; it concerns the exploitation of non-human lives, which derives from an economistic perspective that sees nature as a commodity.

The progressive adoption of a meat-centered diet by non-Western countries suggests that the discussion about precocious puberty will be a future major issue.
Paradoxically, our ever more sophisticated forms of controlling other species is getting our bodies out of control.


Montevideo (Uruguay). Bachelor in Philosophy and Comparative Literature. Creative Writing MA. Part of the Independent Studies Program (PEI) of the Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art (MACBA). Research focus: Identity politics; subcultures; questions of gender and race.

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